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Brigham Moore is a law firm premised upon the protection and advancement of one of our most fundamental civil rights, that of property ownership. We are inspired by the declaration of our fundamental rights guaranteed by our United States and Florida Constitutions. The right to own, use, and protect private property is every individual’s birthright in our Nation. Our firm is single-mindedly devoted to preserving those inalienable rights.

Zeal is essential to the protection and advancement of property rights; yet effectiveness requires more than passion. In over forty years of championing the cause of private ownership, Brigham Moore has gained the knowledge and experience necessary to understand the complex laws and regulations with which our government seeks to control privately owned land. Yet even that hard-won understanding is not enough in today’s world to protect land and business owners.

The speed with which our society is changing and the rapid increase in the scope and power of government also require innovation and a constant, even relentless, counter-pressure from lawyers representing individual property owners. Rights are not protected in a single manner alone: not only by courtroom advocacy, but also through legislative efforts, judicial reform, legal scholarship and educational advances. Brigham Moore is dedicated to that broad, but intense multi-disciplined effort.

Finally, a truly successful protection of private property begins and ends with the owner’s goals. What does the client, the property owner want? Brigham Moore is committed to "listening." It is said that "property does not have rights, people have rights." And it is to the person that Brigham Moore is dedicated to respond. Our entire family of lawyers and staff is focused on trying harder, and caring more for that individual. With that philosophy guiding our firm, we confidently embrace the twenty-first century’s challenges, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the most cherished part of our constitutional system, the individual citizen.

Brigham Moore Mission Statement:

Brigham Moore began, and endures as a firm devoted to protecting the property rights of individual citizens from encroachment by government action. Our reputation continues as a firm with the vital, winning combination of over forty years of experience, and innovative commitment to the constitutional guarantees of private property rights. By caring for each individual’s property goals and by relentlessly pursuing every means within our laws to achieve these goals, we set ourselves apart from lawyers with broader agendas.

We invite you to visit our Team Cases page, for a representative sample of cases that involved a team of Brigham Moore lawyers working to uphold the protection of private property rights.

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