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State Wide Practice. The firm's experience, resources and highly trained staff make it well-equipped to handle complex eminent domain litigation. For the convenience of our clients we offer four office locations in Florida (Miami/Coral Gables, Sarasota, Jacksonville, and Tampa). Because our offices are networked, we can utilize a team approach, drawing on the experience, insight and assistance of the entire law firm, whenever required.

National Practice. Our representation of well known national corporations with operations in Florida has developed into a national practice for the firm. Brigham Moore has tried cases across the country, including the states of Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

Pre-Condemnation Planning. Eminent domain cases involve a myriad of issues that can affect the final outcome of the case. Because actions taken by a property owner prior to the actual "taking" of the property by the government may affect the case, it is important for an owner to consult with legal counsel as soon as the owner becomes aware of governmental activities that will affect the property. Our experience in the field allows us to quickly gather relevant information and assess a potential case in order to assist owners in proper pre-condemnation planning.

Mediation Services. The rules of procedure now require that virtually every eminent domain case go through a court-ordered mediation process before jury trial. Though mediation representation differs significantly from courtroom advocacy, we do not consider it a mere "hoop" to jump through, but rather a meaningful tool to achieve our clients' goals without the risk and expense of jury trial. Brigham Moore is dedicated to preparing as diligently for mediation sessions as it does for trial, bringing its experience and resources equally to bear in the pursuit of successful resolution of cases pre-trial.

Trial Litigation. For cases which must be resolved by jury trial, the firm offers lawyers with extensive experience in the development of valuation trial strategies and persuasive techniques to clearly present an owner's claim to juries. Brigham Moore also avails itself of leading professional experts to assist in case development and presentation of the taking, damages that will be incurred, and the full compensation an owner should receive. The firm's experience in handling eminent domain cases is important to recognition of what expert testimony is required and to retaining the appropriate witnesses.

In House Technical Support. The use of innovative exhibits is a hallmark of our firm. The technical skill of our staff enables us to prepare in-house exhibits, models, enlarged photographs and other items necessary to ensure that each case will be clearly presented to the jury. Aerial photographs, video presentations and computer simulations may be utilized if needed to illustrate key points in a case and to educate the jury.

Apportionment Proceedings. Once the amount of full compensation is determined, a dispute may arise between various ownership interests over how the award is to be divided. Pursuing the successful resolution of these disputes is another facet of the services provided to our clients. Our attorneys seek to recover the full amount of the award to which the client is entitled.

Appellate Representation. On occasion, the events of the case will lead to an appeal by one of the parties. Our firm offers experienced appellate counsel to plan and pursue a strategy for the appeal. In fact, Brigham Moore is the only eminent domain firm that offers appellate counsel who devote their professional energy solely to the resolution of legal issues arising in eminent domain cases.

Inverse Condemnation & Regulatory Takings. Often, governmental activities result in the "taking" of private property without instituting formal condemnation proceedings. Whether the government has physically encroached upon private property in the carrying out of some public project, or applied a regulatory provision that denies all beneficial use of the property, a "taking" requiring the payment of compensation may have occurred.

Protection of Private Property Rights. The continuing dedication of Brigham and Moore, to the rights of individuals in eminent domain cases extends well beyond the representation of individuals in eminent domain cases. For more than 35 years the firm has devoted itself to the preservation and protection of private property rights. The commitment by our firm to this purpose is reflected in all that we do, including our consistent advocacy for enhanced legislative and constitutional protection.

Corporate Services. In addition to its other services, Brigham Moore offers eminent domain representation tailored to the corporate property owner. After years of representing corporations with land holdings statewide and nationally, we know that successful representation of a corporation includes not only success in legal venues, but success in satisfying the particular requirements of each company's management style. We understand the special handling needed to closely coordinate with corporate counsel, to communicate through proper channels, and to protect the corporate image while advocating for the maximum constitutional compensation for the corporate citizen. Because Brigham Moore is the largest eminent domain trial law firm exclusively representing owners, we have the depth of personnel to provide a one-source solution to a corporation's eminent domain needs, wherever they may arise.

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